IP PBX Telephone Systems

To be successful in any business would require that you should also possess good means to make the right communication. Many companies are using PBX systems to get help in this regard. As ip pbx system have evolved, newer methods have been developed to ensure that telephone exchanges work more effectively. Application of these new techniques has led to the development of PBX telephone system. This technology ensures the telephone lines to get connected automatically to the areas needed but also allows individuals to work with one main system for the needed calls.

The popularity of the concept of PBX system continued to grow because of the ability to save time and money in making calls. Because of the increased automation used in the system, the necessity of having operators at branch exchange level to move the calls throughout the office was no longer there. This facility made this option more and more popular with business people.

With the increased sophistication provided by a PBX system, these systems are now being considered as the standard telephone system over the older manual system. The efficiency of such a system also increased with the provision of key systems that was provided in every system area. Whenever a number is dialed, the key systems have the ability to connect to a direct line or to an extension.

Therefore, if your business is already having a PBX system, then you should understand that there are many options available now to handle all your telecommunications more smoothly. One of the foremost of them is the Grandstream telephone system.

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Free ways to promote business website online

With the World Wide Web bursting at the seams effectively promoting your business website is absolutely key to its success.  Many businesses spend a fortune on promotion, but this isn’t possible for every business or indeed necessary.  In this brief article we’ll highlight a number of ways you can effectively promote your website for free.

Social media marketing

Social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest, etc.) is an essential part of marketing and promoting your business website. It’s important to establish your brand and reach out to your users and keep them engaged.

You should use social media to promote your website, blog posts and other relevant content to your users so they are constantly fed regular engaging content to keep them interested in your services.

It is of course important to keep it targeted and relevant so as not to alienate your customers.

Start a blog

Setting up a blog is a quick and easy way to reach out to customers and keep them engage with the produces and services that you offer. It is possible that your existing website service may already have a blog feature which you can use, but if not don’t worry as there are many free plugins and websites to quickly and easily get up and running such as Google’s Blogger service.

The key to a successful blog is keep it updated with regular relevant posts for your target market. This will engage your customers and keep search engines fed with fresh content.

You should use your social media accounts to regularly promote your blog posts.

Make the most of YouTube, etc.

Your customers will engage more with richer content that is easier to consume such as videos, podcasts, interactivity, etc. They can be a great way to help explain your business and the services it provides. They can be particular useful for getting across complex information.

Again it is important to keep the information regularly and relevant. It can be product and service information, testimonials and useful tips and advice for your customers.

Again don’t forget to use social media to promote your content.

Search Engine optimization (SEO)

Making sure your content ranks in all the major search engines is absolutely essential to success unless you are relaying on traditional marketing and word of mouth.

SEO can be something of a dark art and is a huge topic in its own right with lots of ways you can improve the way your site gets listed.

Building links is on key component so regularly blogging and in particular guest blogging can be helpful and of course don’t forget to create a buzz on social media to get people linking to your products and services.

It’ important that your website itself is well constructed making good use of your key words and ensuring these are utilised in your page content appropriately. It is important to make good use of HTML tags including page title, header tags (H1, H2, etc.) and image alt tags and ensure your key words are used within link anchor text. This goes for internal links and inbound links from other websites.

Local directories and listings

As well as getting your pages listed in Search Engines part of the SEO process should include updating local directory information to provide search engines with even more information about your website or service.

These days search engines are very good at targeting local content at local users, so it is important they know as much about your business and its locality as possible. You can register for Google Local, Yahoo Directories, Bing, etc. and add key meta data about your business to help search engines target your content to the right users. This will only take 10 to 15 minutes per service and is well worth the effort.

RSS feeds and XML Sitemaps

RSS feeds and XML Sitemaps are structured computer readable files about the content of your website that enable other websites and services to consume your content. This includes search engines.

XML sitemaps are specifically targeted at search engines and indeed were invented by Google. If you are new to XML sitemaps you can create one quickly and easily using a simple online Online XML Sitemap generator.

You can submit your sitemap to Google webmaster tools to get your website listed more quickly as well as gain insights and statistics about your website performance.

RSS feeds / sitemaps are useful as a wide range of directories consumes these feeds and they can be used to widely publish your content across the internet. Tools such as Pingler make this a very easy task once you have your RSS feed.

The key is that every time you update your website that you update your sitemap and make sure that google is aware of your latest XML sitemap.

You can also get tools and plugins for many common content management systems to automate the process of creating your sitemap and updating search engines. For example you could try a WordPress Sitemap Plugin if you are using WordPress for your blog / website.

Forums and online communities

It probably comes as no surprise that there is an online forum/community for most things online so it is important to find those that are related to your business and get engaged.

You should not see this as a vehicle for shamelessly plugging your products and services as this will be fairly obvious and may even contravene forum rules. Your role should be one of providing helpful and authoritative advice and when appropriate relating things back to your products and services.

Press releases

Press releases remain as relevant today as they ever have. You can publish them via your news pages blog and then market them to your contacts and on social media.

A good press release will be newsworthy and people will go on to highlight and promote it via social media and related news channels so it is important you think carefully about your press releases to ensure they are going to gain sufficient traction.

It’s important to establish a credible profile with links and references to your business website. You may also be able to put links in your footer and in posts responses themselves, but tread carefully, this is about being relevant and meaningful.


There are lots of ways you can freely promote your business online, the key is having a rich and engaging experience for your customers to keep them coming back for more.

Always cross link your content between your various platforms and services and make sure all roads lead back to your websites products and services to get that all important sale or engagement that you require.

The Most Dependable IT Support in Canterbury

Information technology has very crucial role in this modern life. In business world, it roles even more essential. Business organizations use IT in forms of computer workstation, network, automated appliances, and many more. It is important to have a reliable IT support to make sure the IT system in your business organization runs seamlessly.

A computer that stops working, jammed printer, or internet connection down can cause a big problem in the office and not all people have the knowledge and the skills to deal with those IT problems. Big companies usually have their own IT supports department with dedicated team to handle all IT related issues. But for small and medium business like yours, it is hard to afford even to hire an employee as dedicated IT staff. It would be so much feasible to look for outsource IT support service to deal with accidental IT issues. IT Outcomes is the best name when it comes to IT Support Canterbury. This company is a leading IT support provider with nationwide reputation. It has been serving many business organizations from all scale in Canterbury, Kent, and greater area with top notch solutions for various IT issues at very competitive rate.

IT Outcomes has team of seasoned and highly trained IT staffs with broad ranges of IT expertise. This company can provide assistance and solutions for business organizations in need of IT supports. The services provided are including software and hardware solutions with remote or telephone supports as well as on site support. Their team will be ready to assist in any type of IT problems at your business facility and makes sure the problem will be solved right away. The services are also including scheduled maintenance for your IT system. Don’t hesitate to contact IT Outcomes and let them offer the best solution so your business won’t be disturbed with any IT issue anymore.

Docker Online Training Course

Today, Docker is the leading automation platform for deployment of software applications inside the containers. It is even said to be the principal platform for software containerization. This platform is very useful to support developers and sys-admins to easily deploy one software to the host operating system. There’s a big demand of professionals with knowledge and skill Docker platform and engine. Having an expertise in this platform will help you boost your career.

If you are a professional in IT industry or you are looking for a career path in this field, it is highly recommended to have a professional expertise in Docker platform. Off course, it won’t be an easy thing because Docker is rather sophisticated platform requiring technical skills and knowledge to master. Attending a Docker training course would be highly recommended. It will help you get the right training to master this platform. If your work schedule is not allowing you to leave work to attend the course, there’s an option of online training course. Mind Majix is the leading name for Docker Online Training course. It offers the most advanced course in Docker platform designed to help you get the professional skill needed for the real professional world.

The online training course from Mind Majix is prepared by seasoned professionals and veterans in IT industry. The curriculum of the course is designed to give comprehensive knowledge on the Docker platform and how it works and also the professional skills to use and optimize this platform for various applications. As online course, it offers very flexible course schedule while it has advanced course materials to make you understand the whole concepts and operation of Dockers. Mind Majix also provide support systems for those completing Docker course helping them to find Docker Jobs suitable with their preferred career path. Apply today and become an IT professional in Docker platform.

The Reason Why You Should Hire Wedding DJ

The most important thing in a special moment like wedding is music. It’s said that music is universal language that know no boundary. With good music, your guest will be able to feel how special your wedding is.  So, how can we get this special music for wedding?

There are many ways you can use. If you have band or you can play musical instrument, you can do it by yourself. But, as the person of special moment, we think it’s not your duty to entertain your guest. The most logical solution is hiring professional. DJ is good idea. For this one, there are many companies that offered DJ service. For example, if you are looking for Sacramento wedding dj, there is WeddingsByMusicExpress.com.

The good thing about hiring professional DJ service like what Wedding by Music Express provides is everything will be much easier. The reason is the service provides everything that you need. It’s not only a DJ with their equipment that will give you the music that you want. But, they also provide other tools and equipment to make the event become even special and merrier. For example, the service also provides dance floor lighting, Gobo light and many more.

The other important thing in wedding party is MC. They are the one that will handle the flow of the event. Fortunately, many DJ service also provide MC in one package. So, by hiring DJ, you also get MC for your wedding party. That would be perfect and compete set that you need to make a great wedding party. However, the most important thing that you must do is consultation and planning the event with the service provider. It’s to make sure, that the event will goes without problem and like what you want. Choosing right music also can be discussed here. So, with this help, we believe, your wedding will become unforgettable moment of your life.

New Dental Implant Technologies

Conventional dental implants involve a procedure that lasts six months or more. The implant is placed, and allowed a period of six months to integrate with the bone and heal before it is crowned. Advancements in new dental implant technology have resulted in ‘immediate loading’, making teeth implants a one-day procedure.

Recent Advancements

Modern implant technologies have revolutionised the way tooth replacement is performed. Improvements in coating technology, advances in the shape and thread designs of implants and three dimensional scanning systems are some of the radical changes that are changing the way implants are done.

Improvements in Coating Technology: New methods of coating technology have made it easier for dental implants to assimilate with the jawbone, thereby enhancing their stability and durability. One of the latest developments in the field involves the coating of dental implants with a bone material that is synthetic in nature. This helps the implant to incorporate better into the jaw bone.

Three Dimensional Scanning System: A 3D dental CT scan uses Cone Beam Volumetric Technology (CBVT). It allows the scan to be performed with the patient in a sitting position, offering a clear view of where exactly the implant should be placed. The quality of the scanned image is excellent and the extent of the patient’s exposure to radiation is reduced.

Tooth Implant Shape and Thread Designs Advancements: Implant thread design has a major impact on primary implant stability. Modern dental thread implant technology offers maximum primary contact, enhanced stability, increased surface area of the implant and easy integration with the bone without any stress. This advancement in implant technology minimises bone loss.

Screwless Dental Implants: Another recent advancement is single tooth dental implantation without the use of screws. This novel technique offers a clipping mechanism to bond the abutment and the material of the crown.
Immediate Loading or Osseointegrated Implants

Osseointegration refers to the fusing of the dental implant into the bone. The success of new implant technology depends on effective osseointegration. Modern implants are made up of two parts – the implant proper or artificial that is surgically implanted in the jaw bone and held in place with tiny titanium screws, and an abutment which connects the root to the crown.

CT Scanning Technology

The 3D dental CT scan is used to image the mouth and the implant is then positioned appropriately. CT Scans enable cosmetic dentists to fully plan a complete tooth implant procedure before the dental surgery. The cosmetic dentist is able to view a detailed three dimensional image created by the scan from any direction possible through 360 degrees. With conventional techniques there was a need for the dental surgeon to detach the gum tissue from the root and jaw bone and use probes to accurately measure the thickness and density of the jaw bone. With this new dental implant technology there is no waiting period involved, the procedure is often referred to as ‘Teeth in an Hour’.

The Future of Tooth Implants

Recent advancements in the design of Teet implants and components used have enhanced the flexibility of the procedure so that the implant specialist to can customise it to suit the patient’s bone structure. Research carried out at the Medical Centre of Columbia University resulted in developing new dental implant technology which uses stem cells to grow a dental implant in the mouth. This technology is in the very early stages and the research showed that it was possible to grow a fully formed tooth in approximately nine weeks form the implant procedure.

3G and 3.5G Phones – New Technology, New Way of Life

With the advancement of technology mobile phones have become more sophisticated than ever. Do you still remember those mobile phones with a limited set of features? If not, it’s a quick reminder-the earlier mobile phones were used only for talking-there was no camera feature, no music feature. It’s just a matter of few years back, mobile phones had witnessed the tremendous growth in technology. Built-in VGA camera is passé. Mobile users are now using high resolution cameras to store their memorable moments forever. Technology is vrooming ahead at a lighting speed. Isn’t that?

Most of the latest mobile phones are 3G enabled. Now, what is 3G? 3G (third-generation) is a wireless communication technology that has emerged from the first generation analog and second generation digital communication systems. 3G is capable of offering increased voice capacity and higher-speed data rates. It allows users to receive TV signal, stream video and send large files. What’s more, with the help of 3G technology you can make face-to-face video calls. The entire Nokia N-Series range including Nokia N76, Nokia N80 is 3G enabled smartphones. Other manufacturers like Sony Ericsson, Samsung, Motorola have also brought some high end 3G phones like Sony Ericsson W880i, W850i, W950i, Samsung F500, F510, F520, Motorola KRZR K3, RAZR Maxx, RAZR V3x, RAZR V3xx and so on. But the most sought-after 3G phone available in the market at the present time is the Nokia N93i.

Another technological wonder that is creating great stir in the ‘mobile fraternity’ is 3.5G. 3.5G is nothing but a technology standard used in HSDPA. Now, what does HSDPA mean? HSDPA is an acronym for High Speed Downlink Packet Access. It’s an improvement upon the 3G protocol for mobile telephone data transmission.

HSDPA provides download speeds equivalent to an ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) line on your mobile phone. Theoretically speaking, with HSDPA it is possible to reach data transmission speeds of 8-10 Mbps. That is the reason, HSDPA enabled mobile phones are more faster than the WCDMA 3G phones.

New Technologies, New Debates

Once upon a time, people were either fertile or infertile. Period. And there were plenty of infertile men and plenty of infertile women. Just think about Henry VIII and the many wives he beheaded for being incapable of bearing him a son and heir.

Then along came technology, and everything changed. After ages of human existence, infertility was no longer a barrier to child-bearing. Men could donate sperm. Women could donate eggs. Other women could even donate their wombs and bear children as surrogates.

As with all other technological advances, this was a cause for great cheer, as many people who suffered and longed to be parents were now given more options than simply adopting – adoption being the only option previously available to them.

And as with all other technological advances, there was controversy.

While natural child birth seemed quite natural, artificial means seems… well… quite unnatural. And so, the moralizing began.

As anyone who keeps their eyes and ears open, there is no area of life that invites more hyperbolic and extreme positions than those of procreation and coupling. Witness the ongoing battles on issues such as abortion and gay marriage.

So it should come as no surprise that there would be controversy over such topics as artificial insemination, invitro fertilization, egg donation and surrogacy. Opposition to surrogacy and egg donation, in particular, reached its most strident pitch when an article was published by the Witherspoon Institute entitled “The New Sexual Predators”. The article equated egg donation with rape, justifying such a stance from a paper written by Randy Thornhill and anthropologist Craig T. Palmer:

“… describe rape (and prostitution) as ‘gene promotion strategies’ that men use when legitimate, consensual sex is not possible. A man who is unable to engage a fertile female in legitimate consensual sex may face the dilemma of using force, monetary incentives, or facing extinction.”

All of a sudden, according to such positions, a woman offering to be a surrogate mother becomes a rape victim. All of a sudden, the act of giving is no longer an act of selfless generosity, but a debasement of oneself in the vilest fashion.

Sure, give a birthday present. Give some advice. Give a kidney. But don`t give the gift of life.

I am not suggesting that a technological advancement as important as surrogacy and invitro fertilization should not be debated, nor that there should not be disagreement on it.

Quite the opposite.

In most cases, we spend far too much time figuring out how to do new things and not enough time considering whether we should. Perhaps there are ways in which we mess with nature that we should avoid. We discovered this was the case with chlorofluorocarbons, which were quickly thinning the ozone layer that protects all plant and animal life on earth. Faced with a rapid possibility of annihilating all life on the planet, humans rallied to the cause with the Montreal Protocol. It was a very close call, much more than most people care to realize.

But artificial child bearing is a totally different matter. We are not dealing with technologies that can change our planet, our ecosystems or humanity. We are dealing with technologies that supplement natural child birth and fill in some holes.

We are not dealing with decisions that affect everybody, but with decisions that affect only the parties who chose to be involved. Are these technologies right or wrong? Given that it affects only the people choosing to be involved, should it not be up to them to make that call?

Ah yes, but if we took that position, I suppose we wouldn’t have the pleasure of constantly debating gay marriage rights.

David Leonhardt is a freelance ghost writer for hire and website marketer. After spending some time working for a company that arranges surrogacy in Canada, he has decided to share some opinions on the matter.

Classroom Technology – New Terms For the 21st Century Classroom

As a teacher, you know the importance of a good vocabulary and using the right technical terms for the right things. So it’s important that you keep your own vocabulary up to date when it comes all the different new pieces of classroom technology. You need to know your Java from your jpegs and your blogs from your browsers.

So what terms do you need to be familiar with for the classroom technology of today? Knowing what they are (and that they exist) is an important first step – understanding what they are can also help you work out how you can use each type of technology in your classroom to best effect.

Classroom Technology Glossary:

Web 2.0: No, this is not a new version of the internet or Windows Explorer/Firefox/Google that you will have to download. Instead, this refers to the way the internet tends to work these days. Before, the internet was a place that you went to look up and read information – kind of like a library or an encyclopedia. Now, the web is a place where you can read and write bits and pieces. One classic example that has its place as classroom technology is the use of forums, where members can write and post their opinions on a given topic.

Blog The word sounds horrible, but it is short for “web log”. This is a sort of publicly available online diary where somebody can post short articles (opinion pieces, information, events, etc.) on a regular basis (daily, weekly, fortnightly). One way that this can be turned into classroom technology is for a teacher to have his/her own blog that students can read, and the teacher can post advice, study tips, homework reminders, etc.

Social networking: Social networking sites are where users can connect and converse -privately or publicly – to others. People can chat via the keyboard, post links to sites they recommend, find people with common interests and so forth. Delicious, Twitter, Facebook and Bebo are some example of the most “basic” social networking sites. Chat rooms are other examples. More sophisticated ones (which tend not to be used as classroom technology) are those of the Second Life type, where users create an “avatar” who lives a virtual life in the Second Life world: shopping, making friends, and the like.

Wiki: “Wiki” is derived from the Hawaiian for “quick” and tends to refer to a website that anybody can edit. Wikipedia is the best known one, and while it may not the be best place for your students to do research in, it does have some strong requirements and standards relating to distinguishing opinion from fact, unbiased writing and supporting references.

RSS “Rich Site Summary”. An “RSS Feed” is a quick summary of new material that has been added to a site of interest to your subscribers. In the world of classroom technology, an RSS feed can be sent to your “subscribers” (i.e. students) who can see the headlines of any newsletters posted online, some of the quick links that have been posted, a brief summary of any new blog posts, and so forth.

Podcasting: Audio and video clips that can be posted for viewing or listening on iPods (which are like the walkman of the 1980s but much more sophisticated). Clips can be distributed to “subscribers” via RSS feeds. Familiar pieces of classroom technology such as digital cameras are used to create these.

Filter: A must for any school computer that has internet access. A filter blocks undesirable sites so your students can’t access them. No filter is 100% perfect. Some over-block and some can be dodged, so teachers need to stay vigilant.

Don’t be put off by the new world of classroom technology. Getting used to the new tools is easier than you think. And don’t feel you have to abandon what you’ve already learned about using videos – these are still some of the most effective forms of multimedia that you can use in your class. Watch this Free Video and download the Expert Guide “The 7 Biggest Mistakes Teachers Make Using Video in the Classroom” for improving your classroom lessons by using videos more-and more effectively.

The small company, SchoolVideos.com, I work for is committed to creating quality educational videos for classroom instruction. From the earliest script stages, all subject area content, images, and music are intensely reviewed and selected for meeting appropriate grade level, curriculum objectives and standards for our proprietary productions. The videos we distribute are also screened to meet our high standards.

Teachers in the 21st century classroom will be better educators if they understand how to use multi media in their lessons, if they understand the processes that research has shown to be the most effective for improved student performance, and if they know how to find quality video resources that will enhance their lessons.

New Technology, New Surprises

Technology in recent times has grown to such a level, that you get almost everything at your finger tips. Electronic gadgets have replaced people in many places. Earlier, we used to go to meet friends, run around in the park, share a coke. These days, all we do is ping someone in yahoo or tweet in a networking site. Gone are the days, when you could go to your friends’ place without having to inform them about your arrival.

Technology is also a nice way to connect, learn and explore. One of the recent developments of technology is e-learning. E-learning is learning by the use of digital tools and content. Simply known as learning through computers.

E-learning is such a huge jump in the world of education. There was a time when certain subjects or certain courses were not available to us, as we could not find anyone who could teach us. With technology, this gap has been bridged. E-learning helps us learn just about anything at anytime and at any place. The education system is fast changing to e-learning, wherein many schools are changing over to E-learning for certain subjects and topics. Students can learn just about anything, right from how a cell phone works to how to fly an aircraft.

Many corporate companies are using e-learning as a tool to improve their employees knowledge without having to travel far.Video conferencing is yet another tool which provides a virtual meeting place. This reduces the cost incurred by a company on travel, stay and hiring professionals to teach.